We are Accredited by the Law Society! Jan06

We are Accredited by the Law Society!

We are proud to be a member of The Law Society's Criminal Litigation Accreditation.

What is the Criminal Litigation Accreditation?

The Criminal Litigation Accreditation covers all types of criminal law work. In order to become a member, we demonstrated that we have and will maintain a high level of knowledge, skills, ex...

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Join Our Team Jan16

Join Our Team

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join our dedicated team! We are currently looking to secure agreements with Criminal Defence Consultants. Requirements Consultants are expected to be able to work without day to day supervision and have the relevant and necessary experience to manage all...

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I’m Being Investigated for a Criminal Offence – What Should I Do? Jan25

I’m Being Investigated for a Criminal Offence – What Should I Do?

First up, don’t panic. If you’re being investigated this is a heads up that the police, as yet, don’t have enough evidence to convict you. The investigation process can also, potentially, take several months, so don’t use all your energy panicking, instead start to formulate an approach. So, ta...

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Interview under Caution- Explained Feb20

Interview under Caution- Explained

What is an Interview under Caution?
If you’re facing an interview under caution (commonly known in HSE as "PACE interview"), you’re far from alone. These types of police investigations take place every day up and down the country for a wide range of suspected offences, from benefits fraud, to driving misdemeanours, and ...

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What happens if I need Legal Help? Your Solicitors’ Process Explained Mar06

What happens if I need Legal Help? Your Solicitors’ Process Explained

When you’re facing being accused of an offence, or you know that this could be on the horizon, it’s easy to start to panic. Will you get the right legal help? Can you afford the best legal defence? What do you need to know? We’re here to make the process as simple and stress-fre...

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What is “Exceptional Hardship”? Mar23

What is “Exceptional Hardship”?

In specific motoring cases it may be possible to argue a concept called ‘Exceptional Hardship’, should the typical outcome of the conviction be likely to cause a negative situation disproportional to the offence committed, either to the driver or others. The area of law that covers Exceptional Hardship is Section 35(4)(b) of t...

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We have a FREE 24/7 Emergency Legal Advice Hotline! Apr15

We have a FREE 24/7 Emergency Legal Advice Hotline!

If you or a loved one have been arrested we are here for you. We provide 24 hour support, FREE of charge for those in need of legal advice. Don't get caught in a mess, save our hotline in your contacts.

07900 55 77 00

We understand that being arrested, being interviewed under caution, and being inside a police station can ...

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Criminal Defence Guide May15

Criminal Defence Guide

At Knightsbridge Solicitors, we work on making your life simple, cost-effective and easy. We provide a dedicated, compassionate and expert service. We've put together a comprehensive guide to support you through every process within our Criminal Defence procedure.  How do I choose an excellent Criminal Defence Lawyer?

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We’re Hiring! – Law Careers Jun29

We’re Hiring! – Law Careers

We're Hiring! We're looking for:

  • a Legal Secretary
  • an RTA Paralegal
  • an RTA Solicitor
  • a Practice Manager
If you would like to join our Team, apply now!

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Holiday Sickness Claims Explained Jul10

Holiday Sickness Claims Explained

What are holiday sickness claims? You may be eligible for a holiday sickness claim if you have returned from a recent holiday and are experiencing/have experienced illness during your holiday which has negatively affected your stay or a period of time after you returned home. What do holiday sickness claims cover? Holiday si...

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