At Knightsbridge, we believe that for what you take from the world, you should give back. That’s why community work is so important to us, and the various community projects & sponsorships we have undertaken demonstrate this.

There are numerous reasons why we may choose to sponsor or work with a person or an organization within the community. Often, it is because we recognize the hard work these people or organizations put in to ensure the local community remains a positive place for all who live there, giving residents the opportunity to take a break from their daily pressures and focus on the smaller things that make them happy.

We may also sponsor a person or an organization because we believe they are a positive role model within the community, or help to improve a community’s reputation because of the work they undertake. We have a lot of respect and admiration for these people or organizations, and believe it is highly important to sponsor or work with them in order to help them to continue to be a local idol for youngsters and adults alike.

Finally, we strongly believe in sponsoring an organization or a person if they stand out to us as showing real potential, whether that’s in helping to improve the community or showcasing a talent to the world. We don’t believe anything should get in the way of an excellent community spirit-boosting project, or a talent that could take the world by storm, so allowing these people or organizations to shine has been an aim of ours since we started our community work.


Carrington Cricket Club


DKC and DMAA – Daniyaal’s martial arts academy


The Rossoneri Football Club



Knightsbridge are incredibly proud to sponsor two young talents in the sporting community- cricketers Adeel Shafique and Usman Arshad, both of whom are ambassadors for Knightsbridge.

Usman Arshad


Adeel Shafique


Rehan Ahmed

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