We have sponsored Carrington Cricket Club for 2 years now. The club, which is located on Esher Grove, Mapperley Park, has been running for around 20 years, which over time has made it an important recreational feature of the local area.

The club was established to help young people from the local community get involved in cricket and is open to players regardless of ability. It accepts all participants, from those who play purely for leisure, to those who have gone on to play at a professional level.

The club has been very successful over the years in getting hundreds of young people involved, helping the local community to keep fit, socialize and stay entertained. With three adult teams and three youth teams, young people can also attend coaching on a weekly basis.

Knightsbridge was incredibly keen to support Carrington Cricket Club after learning about the club’s morals. The aim was to create an environment where young people would spend less time on the streets, and more time participating in a sporting environment which has both social and health benefits. Many of the young people that attend the club live in deprived areas with high crime rates and issues around gang culture.
Carrington Cricket Club aims to be as an inclusive as possible, and does not want to exclude people from participating who may not have the financial resources. This is where the help and support of Knightsbridge is vital for the club. The financial support we provide helps the club to purchase equipment for the young people, as well as employing groundsman to prepare the cricket grounds, and coaches to help young players to develop their skills.

More importantly, our financial support enables young, vulnerable people from poorer backgrounds to participate in an environment which encourages good positive teamwork and does not discriminate in anyway against these young people. We don’t just provide financial support- we have also helped out at coaching sessions and fundraising events, to help the club to continue to thrive and ultimately be a benefit to youngsters within the local community.