At Knightsbridge Solicitors our aim is that you should get the very best legal representation. Sometimes this means you might need help with the costs of legal services. Government help is available to help with the costs of legal services in some cases – this is called Legal Aid. Knowing whether you are entitled to Legal Aid can bring you peace of mind or the ability to make other arrangements.

Am I Entitled to Criminal Legal Aid?

Legal Aid for Criminal cases can seem complicated. Your best bet is to give us a call on 01158241700 and speak to a member of our expert criminal legal team. Criminal Law is one of our specialities, and as well as being available 24-7 for Police Station Advice, we also have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and can assist with understanding your entitlement. It should be noted that some criminal legal advice, such as independent advice whilst in police custody, is not dependent on your financial circumstances.

What Can Legal Aid Be Used For?

Legal Aid can’t be used for all types of legal services, however it may be used for getting legal help (for example getting advice on your rights); help in court either through someone speaking on your behalf or a solicitor or barrister representing you; Family Mediation and Help; and Controlled Legal Representation (for example in some areas of immigration cases).

Civil Cases – What Can Legal Aid Be Used For?

Not all cases can use Legal Aid for financing. You can’t get Legal Aid for something such as conveyancing, or a divorce, or for claiming compensation. Legal Aid can be used for issues relating to issues such as discrimination and family and children.

At Knightsbridge Solicitors we are experts in Immigration Law and therefore are often asked about the eligibility for Legal Aid here. It should be noted that in many Immigration cases it is not possible to get Legal Aid. However, it can be obtained in some circumstances, for example Asylum Applications, or if you’ve been detained, or if you’ve been a victim of domestic violence or trafficking, and various other conditions. We always recommend speaking to us in person to see if you are entitled to Legal Aid for your Immigration case.

You can call us for a FREE no obligation discussion on 0115 8241700.

Are There Financial Conditions to Getting Legal Aid?

Yes. Even if your individual case makes you eligible for Legal Aid you still need to satisfy certain conditions regarding your income and capital.

If you are in receipt of certain benefits (such as Income Support or Government Asylum Support) then your income will be discounted for the purposes of calculating whether you are entitled to Legal Aid.

If you have a monthly gross income which is greater than £2657 then you will not get Legal Aid (except in some cases where you have more than 4 dependent children).

So if your income is under £2657 then you may be entitled to Legal Aid but it will depend on your net income after things like tax, National Insurance, maintenance and housing costs have been subtracted. To be eligible for Legal Aid your remaining income must not be more than £733. If you have disposable income of £315 or more (but less than £733) you will need to pay some of your own legal fees and costs.

What About Capital?

The amount of capital you have will also affect whether you are eligible for Legal Aid. If you have savings, assets, or value in your home that is worth more than £8000 then you will not be eligible for Legal Aid. If you have under £3000 in savings, assets, or value in your home then you should be entitled to Legal Aid, and for those with capital amounts between £3000 and £8000 you will be entitled to some Legal Aid but will also be required to make a contribution.

Understanding if You Are Eligible for Legal Aid in Your Particular Case

Understanding your entitlement to Legal Aid is dependent on many different factors: whether it’s civil or criminal law, the nature of the case, your income and your capital. It can be confusing to establish what you might be entitled to. We are legal experts, highly experienced in helping clients understand whether they will get Legal Aid. We can help you. Give us a call today on 0115 8241700 or email us on and we can discuss your specific circumstances.

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