British Naturalisation, also known as British Citizenship, is a concluding UK immigration service available to foreign nationals with permanent resident status (i.e. with Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or ILR) and has spent a minimum of three – five years living and working in Great Britain.

It brings to a close the need for a further UK visa application or UK visa extension by providing people with full rights of citizenship, including a British Passport.

As specialist UK immigration consultants, Knightsbridge Solicitors Immigration Services assist with applications for UK citizenship at all stages of the process. To find out whether you qualify and to begin your application, visit the online assessment area today.

Benefits of UK Citizenship

Unlike visas for short term residency such as UK visit visas, travel visas or work permits, the British Naturalisation service offers permanent residency in the UK as a British citizen and imposes no time restrictions upon the holder. A UK work permit is not required and successful candidates are free to seek and undertake work in Great Britain without constraint.

Apply for UK Citizenship – Eligibility Requirements

To become a UK citizen a UK Naturalization application must meet various criteria, which differ depending on the individual circumstances of the application. However, eligibility is usually based upon the applicant living in Britain for at least five or six years.

Other Ways to Qualify for UK Naturalisation

Applicants who were born to a British mother outside the country before 1 January 1983 now qualify for British nationality through registration. Those who already hold Right of Abode and have done so for over five years may either register or naturalize.

Applicants who were born to a British mother or father outside the country are permitted to undergo United Kingdom naturalization.

A number of countries allow you to keep your current Citizenship when you become a citizen of Great Britain. This is often referred to as ‘dual Citizenship.’ However, some countries do not recognize ‘dual Citizenship’ and when you naturalise as a United Kingdom Citizen, you may forfeit your previous Citizenship and passport. We would urge you to check with the relevant authorities of the country/ies with which you hold Citizenship in order to be fully aware of the effect/s that a grant of UK citizenship may have on your present Citizenship/s.

As a specialist immigration law firm, Knightsbridge Solicitors can provide immigration legal advice and assistance throughout the application process and can ensure that the needs of our clients are met.

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