Knightsbridge Ambassador Becomes International Superstar during ICA Academy Tour of Asia

Nine-year-old Farham Ahmed stole the show during a recent Tour of Asia – part of the 1st year anniversary celebrations for the International Cricketers Association (ICA) Academy.

Farhan, along with his two equally talented brothers, Rehan and Raheem, joined seven other players from the Academy for the trip of a lifetime, which saw them rubbing shoulders with cricket notoriety while demonstrating their talent during a variety of matches. Thanks to the phenomenal weather, the players were also able to benefit from outdoor pre-season training ahead of the start of the cricket season back home, and practice with different bowlers, which took them completely out of their comfort zones.

Lead by Head Coach and fellow Knightsbridge Solicitor Ambassador, Rahim Ali, the team travelled to Pakistan and the National Cricket Academy to play a series of matches in Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Azad Kashmir. The trip gave the deserving youngsters an opportunity to experience cricket at the highest level – including playing against Pakistan’s National Women’s side ahead of the ladies’ International Tour.

Clearly an exciting and productive trip for the Academy – which seeks to develop talented young cricketers and turn them into professional players – it certainly seems to be having the desired effect for Farhan Ahmed, who was literally living the dream during the two-week trip. This was the first opportunity that Farhan has had to shine and he took full advantage – wowing everyone from the Pakistan Cricket Board to international coaches and Academies.

Commenting on Farhan’s ability, Head Coach Rahim said:

“If Farhan continues to progress in this way, we will be seeing him in an England shirt in a few years’ time!”

And Rahim should know! After excelling at the sport himself as a young player, Rahim chose to pursue a career as a coach, soon becoming the England and Wales Cricket Boards (ECB) Young Coach of the Year. In 2014 he formed Specialist Sports Coach, with the aim of assisting and guiding the next generation of sporting talent from grass roots level through to the elite, and still finds time to work for Activate Sports as the Head Coach on the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy in Derbyshire, deliver coaching in the community and inner city schools on behalf of Derbyshire Cricket Board, and identify, nurture and produce local talent for Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

Back on home turf, the Academy players continue to pursue County Cricket opportunities and professional careers, while it is hoped that the Tour will become an annual event in the Academy calendar, enabling other youngsters to benefit from international experience, and further enhance their talents.

We are delighted to be supporting the Ahmed brothers’ journey to cricketing success and Rahim Ali’s ongoing goal to enhance cricketing opportunities for young people. Please follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with their latest achievements.

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