Accident and Emergency departments are most commonly your first point of action when a medical issue is too crucial or severe to await a GP appointment. Predominately, they are the frontline health service, continually delivering a high standard of care. However, we all know how they are incredibly busy and under immense pressure to reduce waiting times. This, in combination with a high volume of patients they are at times required to treat, can unfortunately lead to faults.

Amongst the errors which can result in a claim for compensation are the following:
  • A patient being sent home without an underlying problem being properly treated.
  • Signs or symptoms of serious conditions being missed.
  • Failure to admit you to hospital due to poor judgement or bed shortages
  • Failure to offer necessary diagnostics, for example, x-rays, scans, and blood tests
  • Misinterpreting results of diagnostic tests.
  • Failure to admit you to hospital due to poor judgement or bed shortages.

If you feel you’ve fallen victim to any of the above, or have in some way received treatment at an Accident and Emergency Department which was less effective than could reasonably be expected, then you may well be able to make an A&E claim for medical negligence.

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