Holiday sickness claims

It’s one of the worst imaginable scenarios- a holiday abroad is ruined by an accident or illness that occurs during the holiday or once you return home. A holiday is usually planned months in advance, and you put aside a considerable amount of savings to ensure your time away is an enjoyable, relaxing experience. So when something goes wrong that’s out of your hands, it can be very frustrating and upsetting for you.

A holiday illness refers to the common illnesses that can unfortunately be contracted whilst on holiday abroad, namely food poisoning, norovirus, parasites, ear infections and alcohol poisoning. The illness will usually be contracted as a result of somebody else’s mistake, such as a hotel restaurant serving cold food, or a lack of hygiene in a hotel which results in the spreading of a sickness bug. Generally a holiday illness could have been preventable, which is all the more frustrating for anyone who contracts one.

A holiday accident, which is also covered under holiday sickness claims, refers to accidents within or around your hotel or holiday resort that could have been avoided. Common accidents abroad include slips and trips, balcony falls, poolside accidents (such as injuries or drowning), electric shocks, and skiing & snowboarding accidents. This may be due to a general lack of maintenance and upkeep in your hotel or resort which has resulted in faulty of broken surfaces or facilities. You may also claim for road collisions abroad under holiday sickness claims.
If you’ve been affected by holiday illness or an accident abroad, you will understandably want to make a claim for holiday sickness. In order to make a successful claim, you should follow the steps below as much as you can:
Report the incident
As soon as the illness or accident has occurred, you should report it immediately to hotel staff in order for your complaint to be in the hotel’s records. This will also provide evidence for your case. If your illness has not taken effect until after your holiday, you should contact your hotel or travel advisor with your complaints.
Provide photographic evidence
If you have sustained an injury whilst abroad, you should take photos of the injury, as well as the cause of the injury (such as a broken tile or unsafe wall). It is harder to provide photographic evidence of an illness, unless you have visible symptoms such as a rash.
Talk to your doctor
It may be that you visited the hospital or local doctors abroad after your accident or illness. In this case, providing medical records from the hospital would be helpful. You can also visit your doctor at home and explain your symptoms to receive a doctor’s note about your condition.
Keep relevant information
Information such as your booking forms and forms documenting the dates and place of stay are vital when it comes to being able to prove you were in a certain location at a certain time when you became ill or suffered an injury. Your hotel or holiday company may not be willing to help with these sorts of details, so it’s always helpful to have them on hand yourself.

Once you have completed these steps as best you can, it’s time to get in touch with Knightsbridge Solicitors. With years of experience representing clients with holiday sickness claims, we are pleased to have been behind many successful claims cases as a result of our extensive research, background knowledge and professional communication.

At Knightsbridge, we thoroughly believe you should receive the compensation you are entitled to, and our mission is to help each and every person to see justice. Nobody should have to suffer the consequences of an accident or illness abroad, and we care about helping you to be successful in your claim in order to put the case behind you and move on with your life.
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