Have you, or someone you love, had an unfair Terrorism allegation made against them? Are you confused and don’t know where to turn?

We are Terrorism Defence legal experts. We are here to ensure the best outcome for your case.

If you have been wrongly accused of instigating, preparing, or committing acts of terrorism then our specialist legal team can help. We have mounted successful, and high profile, Terrorism Defence cases in England and Wales.

We understand the established, new, and constantly-developing Anti-Terrorism laws. We are able to apply this expert understanding to your individual case. We fully understand police procedures and Court processes and are in your corner.
We work professionally with the unique nature of the evidence in terrorism cases, often gained from covert sources.

We ensure you fully understand the allegations made against you, and we can mount a defence which best protects your rights.

We offer multi-lingual and empathic experts who can guide you through your Terrorism Defence.

We are here to help with your Terrorism Defence case. Call Knightsbridge Solicitors today for a free initial consultation.